About Fark 09

“To me a blank canvas has all the anticipation, wonderment and the excitement of reading a new book…but of course without the words” 

When you look at a work of art you may quickly decide whether you like it or not. Have you ever wondered why some paintings appeal to you more than others?There can be no definitive answer,but if you can understand how and why Fark 09 created his art pieces ,you will appreciate and enjoy them more. I invite you to touch and feel what I have put into my paintings.The way I have used colour, perspective light and shade.Art is rarely created in a moment of inspiration.The size of the painting,the subject matter or story has to unfold,contributing to the qualities of the finished work.



16 thoughts on “About Fark 09

  1. Hi Graham
    I looked at your art work on your web site..I was amazed, they are really nice, and look forward to seeing them for real in your studio, very soon.

      1. Hi Graham, a little of both I think is the answer to your question. It was very nice to meet you yesterday I was yet again amazed at your work. I look forward to the show. Maybe someday – not so far away I hope – I will be able to have a space of my own in the mill and you can let me know what you think of my work. Meanwhile, you have to know your work is inspiring and touches something inside a person. – Sue

  2. Hi Graham,
    However enjoyed talking and your artwork is very interesting,
    Hope to see you studio sometime
    {Tracey Taylors friend}

    1. Hi Chris, sent u an email recently when I am down at my studio. I hope u received it? Look forward to cing u when u r free at the weekends. Gray.

  3. Hello i have some painting of a Mrs B Garner, is this lady your mother as she is also from Stockport, I would love to find more information about her, thank you.

  4. Can’t ever remember being affected emotionally with art, like I was with yours. These pieces you have created are so unique and awe inspiring. Thank you. I shall cherish my ‘Just be different’.

    1. “On days like these”for a thinking caring person to have an emotional and insightful reaction to my STS art proves that what I am doing is creating a future for “art for the senses”

      The fourth dimension has arrived

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